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Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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Chemistry: Giant hyperthermal effect in Mg-doped Fe3O4 - Friday, 09 February 2018 11:36
Biology: Nanodiamonds for antibacterial implants - Monday, 02 November 2015 21:41
Ecology: Nano-products risks overexaggerated - Tuesday, 24 June 2014 11:02
Polymer nanobarriers Nanoparticles go through BBB Quantum Dots

Polymer nanobarriers

Irish Scientists Developing New Material To Increase Shelf Life Of Beer. More in this article.

Nanoparticles go through BBB

Blood-brain barrier was shown to be permeable for particles as big as >200 nm, a group of scientists from Johns Hopkins University show. More in this article.

Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots Can Shine Even Brighter

Science News

  • Giant hyperthermal effect in Mg-doped Fe3O4

    Giant hyperthermal effect in Mg-doped Fe3O4

    Giant hyperthermal effect could be achieved using the recently developed magnesium-doped gamma-Fe3O4 nanoparticles. The effect is 100x higher than that for the state-of-the-art magnetic nanoparticles, and is achieved solely due…

  • Record in Cd-free QLED efficiency

    Record in Cd-free QLED efficiency

    While Cd-based materials are under the risk to be completely banned sooner or later, much attention has been paid in the last few years to the development of non-toxic analogues…

  • Nanodiamonds for antibacterial implants

    Nanodiamonds for antibacterial implants

    While nanodiamonds are known already for a while, the new research revokes the interest in these tiny particles in medical applications. Inspired by former findings that nanodiamonds improve the mechanical…

  • Novel Bactericidal Materials: Nanodiamonds

    Novel Bactericidal Materials: Nanodiamonds

    Materials scientists from Bremen and Stanford have shown that nanodiamonds are an effective bacteria killer, the article was recently published in ACS Nano. Nanodiamonds are tiny diamond crystals of a…

  • 24% Energy Efficiency from Solar Cells

    24% Energy Efficiency from Solar Cells

    24% Energy Efficiency from Solar Cells HOUSTON — (Nov. 19, 2012) — Rice University scientists have unveiled a revolutionary new technology that uses nanoparticles to convert solar energy directly into…

  • Hamaker constant dependence on size calculated

    Hamaker constant dependence on size calculated

    Hamaker constant dependence on size calculated Dr. Pinchuk from the University of Colorado has theoretically calculated the dependence of Hamaker constant from the size of nanoparticles. Hamaker constant - the…

Research Resources

  • Search for nanomaterial

    We have gathered a directory of materials suppliers for you - from ligands to nanoparticles, you will find almost any material for your project. Is the material not available? Then…

General News

  • 10% solar cells with QD inks

    10% solar cells with QD inks

    A new article by Aqoma et al provides additional inspiration to all those working on the development of flexible low-cost high-performance solar cells. The authors could achieve 10% conversion efficiency…

  • Core-shell QDs for solar cells

    Core-shell QDs for solar cells

      The highly potential solar cell technology based on colloidal quantum dots (CQD), still has to overcome several problems in order to climb above the competing technologies. One of such…

  • Iran introduces Certification for Nano Foods and Health Products

    Iran introduces Certification for Nano Foods and Health Products

    Iran introduces Certification for Nano Foods and Health Products Iran's Health Ministry has announced that food and health care products must now be certified in the country. Failure to do…

  • Nanotech for agricultural boost

    Nanotech for agricultural boost

    Nanotechnology for the agricultural boost   Application of nanotechnology would enhance industrial and agricultural production at low-cost for the future development of Bangladesh, said noted scientists at a roundtable yesterday.…

  • Nano-products risks overexaggerated

    Nano-products risks overexaggerated

    Are nano-products really so dangerous? The increasing concerns of the society about the possible risks associated with the use of nanoparticles, and especially silver nanoparticles in textiles, necessitates a closer…

  • NanoKorea 2013

    NanoKorea 2013

    Join the leading nanotechnology event in the Asian region, Nano Korea 2013. PlasmaChem GmbH is proud to be the sponsor of the event, and attend the exhibition represented by the…

  • Discounts at PlasmaChem

    Being one of the leading promoters of nanotechnology, PlasmaChem GmbH - the German nanomaterials manufacturer and the worldwide first nanomaterials catalogue company - in frame of the material introduction, offer…

Know-How Finder

  • Technology & Know-How

    Have you ever had a problem of being stuck at some point of your project needing a technology? Get in contact with us, and we will take over the job…


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Henri Poincare

I love fools' experiments; I am always making them.

Charles Darwin


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