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Friday, 10 April 2020
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Nanotech publications by countries, 2012

According to the statistics regarding the number of scientific publications during the first half of 2012, China’s world share, with a total number of 12,945 articles, corresponds to 28%. The European Union and the US hold the second and the third places on the list, with 26% and 19% respectively.

According to  “Nano Statistics” report, the publications associated with nanotechnology constitutes 8.3% of the whole scientific literature generated during the period. About 55% of the scientific articles published on the topic are due to the Asian nations.

Top 27 countries publishing the most nano-related ISI journal papers during the first half of 2012 are listed as below:

Country Nr. of nanotech publications World share, %
China incl. Hong Kong 12945 28,07
USA 8948 19,40
Germany 3133 6,79
South Korea 3055 6,62
Japan 3005 6,52
India 2739 5,94
France 2160 4,68
UK 1680 3,64
Iran 1601 3,47
Spain 1584 3,43
Taiwan 1429 3,10
Italy 1428 3,10
Canada 1208 2,62
Russia 1194 2,59
Australia 1063 2,30
Singapore 924 2,00
Switzerland 685 1,49
Brazil 654 1,42
Netherlands 623 1,35
Poland 618 1,34
Sweden 537 1,16
Belgium 491 1,06
Turkey 477 1,03

In comparison with the same statistics of the year 2011, it can be noted that the first eight countries have maintained their positions unchanged. Additionally, Spain and Taiwan are down one place each, this year. Iran has jumped up two places to the 9th in the recent ranking. The Local Share in Nanoscience indicator, which quantifies the nanotech-related share of scientific journal papers within a country, reveals Singapore as the first with an approximate 20% value. Subsequently, Iran (16.2%), China (16.0%) and South Korea (14.5%) occupy the ranks 2 to 4, respectively. The first eight countries included in the list are located in Asia and this reveals that Asian countries have devoted a great deal of attention to nano science and technology.

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