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Friday, 10 April 2020
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Iran introduces Certification for Nano Foods and Health Products

courtIran's Health Ministry has announced that food and health care products must now be certified in the country. Failure to do so will be 'considered illegal and...companies are liable to prosecution'.

Activities that require certification include 'production, import, sale, distribution and advertisement'. These apply to 'products pertaining to pharmacy, medical equipment, beauty and healthcare, food and beverages, [and] dietary supplements'. Twelve products have thus far been certified.

Accreditation is obtained through a 'nanotechnology committee affiliated to the Iranian food and drug organization'. This committee has been established 'with the primary objective of regulating food and health care related products' in the country.

Nanotechnology for the agricultural boost

nanotech for agri boost 2012-08-04


Application of nanotechnology would enhance industrial and agricultural production at low-cost for the future development of Bangladesh, said noted scientists at a roundtable yesterday.

It can bring tremendous growth in industrial and agricultural production and help making low-cost solar energy generation, environment conservations, construction sector, precise cancer treatment, medical diagnosis, space travel and defence technology, they said.

The Daily Star organised the discussion on nanotechnology and its prospects in Bangladesh at The Daily Star Centre in the capital.

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